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"Archaeos" - the center of historical projects
Historical reconstruction and experimental archeology of stone and the bronze age

Metallurgical Experiment 2015

In the early autumn of 2015, we took part in the filming of a documentary historical film of the Kultura television channel at the Museum of Ancient Production of the Arkaim Nature Reserve. There we reproduced a wonderful experience: reconstruction of the technological process of metallurgy and metal processing of the Bronze Age, from ore to the finished product - the arrowhead. A domed metallurgical furnace was built from stones and clay, where we placed a clay mold with a small amount of copper ore (azurite), previously crushed by stone pestles. For several hours, with the help of two single-chamber bellows, high temperature was pumped and as a result copper ingots were obtained. The resulting metal was molten in a clay smelter built right there, Vladislav added some tin and cast a beautiful bronze arrowhead of the Sintashta culture. The whole process was done by us in a day.