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Historical reconstruction and experimental archeology of stone and the bronze age

Flame of Arkaim 2018

From the early morning of June 11, the festival unfolded. Here one could learn how to make stone tools, observe the process of smelting metal, feel like a real archaeologist and work in the excavation. The Bronze Age photozone was especially popular. A unique chariot reconstruction was established here, built entirely according to ancient technologies, without a single nail. This chariot was created specifically for the exhibition, prepared for the XIV Forum of interregional cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan, and is now exhibited in the museum "Nature and Man" of the reserve "Arkaim". But for one day the chariot moved to the festival venue. And everyone could not only climb it, but also change into Bronze Age outfits, pick up a spear or a pot and take pictures on the background of the steppe, which has not changed at all over the past millennia. After the opening ceremony of the festival and the solemn raising of the flag, an impressive historical show began. Times and peoples succeeded each other in front of the audience, under the comments of the presenter. Especially spectacular was the appearance of nomads, one of whom came on horseback. The show ended with the logical arrival of archaeologists. For the first time, the audience was shown a reconstruction of the archaeological expedition of the 50s. Also, for the first time at such a festival, one could see a reconstruction of the appearance of the Sak nomads. By the way, it was the Saki costume that was recognized by the jury as the best among all and its author Igor Rashchektayev from the Beaver Gon club received a prize - woolen homespun. In addition to the costume contest, the festival included archery competitions, an Iron Age warriors tournament and a javelin throwing tournament. Among the archers, the best was the Ural Kireev from Sibay; he received an authentic Mongolian bow as a reward. Alexander Ovsyannikov from the club "Warrior Century" was not only the best among the soldiers, but also among those who competed in javelin throwing. He got a Carolingian-type sword and a certificate from the Epos jewelry and art workshop. But not only the reenactors could take part in the competitions, many interesting things were also prepared for the audience: scandball, jumping on the shield and much more. Especially fascinating was scandball - a kind of medieval rugby. The participants were divided into two teams, the task of each of them was to put the ball from the skins onto the opponent's team shield. The fight was very fierce, the audience was actively ill and supported both teams. In the evening, a concert of the group Türgen Kam took place on the stage at the foot of Mount Shamanka. In the group’s performance, playing musical instruments is combined with the unique technique of throat singing, in which sound originates in the center of the body, and, rising through the chest to the throat, acquires an unusual and bewitching sound. Such unusual music, according to the artist himself, sounds best in the open air. And the festival ended with a magnificent fire show of the collective “Lights of Arkaim” and a huge bonfire, the space around which was enough for everyone. The festival turned out to be bright, spectacular, brought a lot of unforgettable impressions for both participants and spectators.