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Historical reconstruction and experimental archeology of stone and the bronze age

Flame of Arkaim 2017

On June 11, 2017, the first festival of historical reconstruction “Flame of Arkaim” was held in the Arkaim Nature Reserve. Near the Stone Age dwellings there is a festival venue: with a fair, master classes, nomad tents. Clubs of historical reconstruction from Chelyabinsk, Miass, Chebarkul, as well as participants from Murmansk, Krasnodar, Ufa, Uchalov and Samara, presented the guests of the reserve the ancient cultures of the Southern Urals from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. People in animal skins, clothes of the Bronze Age and nomads looked surprisingly harmonious among the steppe. After all, the steppe remained the same as it was thousands of years ago. At the opening ceremony, guests were presented to the jury. It consisted of two doctors of historical sciences: Andrey Vladimirovich Epimakhov and Alexander Dmitrievich Tairov from Chelyabinsk, candidate of sciences Igor Vladislavovich Gorashchuk from Samara and director of the Arkaim nature reserve Ekaterina Ivanovna Slastukhina. Also, the head of the Kizilsky district Alexander Borisovich Seleznev took part in the opening ceremony, who expressed the hope that this festival will become a new good tradition. A vivid historical show in a colorful and accessible form presented the audience the history of the Great Steppe, and the members of the "Warrior Century" club demonstrated traditional tests of warriors, such as, for example, "circles of honor". But the guests of the festival didn’t stand aside - those who wanted could take part in the “wall to wall” battle, and the spectator team won! Throughout the first half of the day, fascinating master classes were held at which festival guests could learn to sculpt from clay, shoot from a bow, make stone tools with their own hands, and even roll from felt. A variety of competitions took place in parallel: archery, javelin throwing, wrestling, as well as a competition for the best suit. Moreover, not only reenactors, but also spectators took part in them. So, a tourist named Alexander won the competition in javelin throwing. The prizes that the participants received were truly unique: a replica of the Norman helmet, a woolen homespun cloth, an English long bow, a medieval tent made of natural linen, a replica of a medieval sword, and certificates from the Epos jewelry workshop. Weather decided to please the participants of the festival, but only in the morning. Then the heat gave way to rain, and for this reason, part of the festival's action shifted to the central site of the tourist camp. Competitions with spectators took place here, such as throwing logs, tug of war and fighting with safe swords. The warriors tournament was also held here. And in the Museum of Ancient Manufactures a unique workshop was held on smelting from bronze, where the audience could see with their own eyes the amazing process of turning hot metal into arrowheads. At the end of the day, the festival’s audience got acquainted with a variety of ancient musical instruments, such as avlos, miserable, arched barb, plate barb, shamanic tambourine and, of course, drums. The festival ended with a magnificent fire show.