Professional community of experimental archeologists, masters of ancient technologies and representatives of the historical reconstruction movement

Center for Historical Projects Archaeos

"Archeos" is a center for historical projects created by a team of professional historians, archaeologists and figures of the historical reconstruction movement. The history of the project began in 2013. Having experience in managing the historical reconstruction club, the Chelyabinsk archaeologist Ivan Semyan decided to create a combined group of young archaeologists and reconstructors to reconstruct the technologies and material culture of the Stone and Bronze Ages. The club held regular meetings, lectures and classes on ancient crafts. In 2014, associates joined the project, including Anton Suvorov, the head of the historical reconstruction club Fierce Beast. In 2016, the co-organizer of the Center was a historian by education, a Chelyabinsk businessman, friend and colleague of Ivan - Vladislav Zhuravlev. Based on the general experience of the participants, a large-scale project was created. An important area of ​​the project’s activities is conducting workshops and seminars on experimental archeology, speaking at scientific and practical conferences, and participating in the creation of scientific and popular science materials. To date, the Center wide excursion and educational work is carried out.

30 years of the reserve Arkaim
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Desht-Thor 2019
XIV forum of interregional cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan
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Children's School of Experimental Archeology 2018
Historical costume show 2015
Master Class Metal Century Heroes 2016
Metallurgical Experiment 2015
Flame of Arkaim 2017
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Arkaim Flame 2019
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Eski Kermen Pilot Camp 2017