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"Archaeos" - the center of historical projects
Historical reconstruction and experimental archeology of stone and the bronze age

Creative Workshop RUNA

Creative workshop "Runa" exists since March 2017. The main activity is the molding of jewelry and household items using technology as close as possible to the barbarian tradition.
Eastern Europe of the late Roman times, as well as the popularization of Kiev culture, spread over a large part of Eastern Europe from the late II to the beginning of the V century BC. e.

The workshop team consists of 2 people: Alexander Alekseev and Andrey Vorobyov.

"Runa" actively collaborates with representatives of science - demonstration workshops have been held several times in archaeological expeditions, the workshop's works were presented at the exhibition "Between a Hammer and a Hard Place" in the Kulikovo Field Museum-Reserve and at the international seminar "Historical and Archaeological Research of the Bryansk Treasure circle of Eastern European chiseled enamels "at the IA RAS.

In August 2018, the workshop's project: “Barbarian Enamels of Eastern Europe - Reconstruction of the Jewelry and Equipment Complex” became one of the winners in the competition of historical projects held within the framework of the festival “Times and Epochs”. At the moment, the workshop participants are working on the implementation of this project.