Экспериментальной Археологии

Профессиональное сообщество археологов-экспериментаторов, мастеров древних технологий и представителей движения исторической реконструкции

Laboratory of Experimental Archeology NOTECI SUSU

At the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), on the basis of the Eurasian Research and Education Center under the leadership of Ivan Andreevich Semyan, there is the only comprehensive experimental archeology laboratory in Russia that carries out international experimental research projects and also studies and models the technologies of the ancient population of the Urals . The laboratory is a member of the world association of experimental archeology EXARC, as well as the Archeos association representing the international community of experimental archeologists and representatives of the historical reconstruction movement. The consolidation of forces interested in modeling the phenomena and processes of the past allows the laboratory of experimental archeology at SUSU to carry out a wide range of multidisciplinary tasks: scientific and popular science activities, creating museum displays and replicas of artifacts, educating schoolchildren and students, and participating in tourism and charity projects. Laboratory scientific experiments have significantly enriched the ideas about the life of the ancient population of our country. In particular, the researchers reconstructed in detail the processes of creating stone and bronze weapons of ancient warriors, reconstructed one of the oldest complex bows. On the basis of the Archeos Paleopark, students are trained and scientific experiments are carried out. Projects are being undertaken to recreate the homes and life of antiquity.

EAA 2018 Barcelona
Sintashta bow project
Workshop for museum workers 2019
Master classes at the SUSU Museum
Metallurgical experiment 2018
Field seminars in the archaeological detachment of SUSU
An experiment at the burial ground of Welga 2019