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"Archaeos" - the center of historical projects
Historical reconstruction and experimental archeology of stone and the bronze age

Nikolay Tsoi

By the main profession, Nikolai is a bacteriologist. Engaged in primitive technologies since 2013 and since then interest in the Stone Age has only increased. During this time, the experiments became for Nikolai something more than a hobby, and he wanted to tell others about this direction and find like-minded people. Fortunately, modern technology gives us a lot of opportunities for communication. In many ways, in 2016, Nikolai created the  Primal_Flame group, where he began to lay out a phased recreation of the objects of everyday life of an ancient person. Nikolai is trying to interact with Western colleagues, as well as the regional scientific community, museums and schools, in order to tell people about the direction of activity that is still quite young for the region. Last summer, Nikolai held several thematic workshops for the Field Geoarchaeological School of the Scientific Research Center “Baikal Region” of the ISU and the ISU Student Archaeological Club.