Professional community of experimental archeologists, masters of ancient technologies and representatives of the historical reconstruction movement


CIM Ancient World

In 2003, the Samara Regional Branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture launched a project to create the Center for Historical Modeling (CIM) "Ancient World" of a fundamentally new interactive model for exhibiting archaeological heritage; an object for educational (educational) tourism and historical education of children and adults; scientific and experimental training ground for archaeologists. The Center officially opened on June 15, 2004. Creating the "Ancient World", the organizers pursued the following goals: To restore in detail the lifestyle of the most ancient population of the Middle Volga; On the basis of field research data, show everyone who wishes the history of their homeland in a lively, intelligible and memorable form. CIM “The Ancient World” is not a classic museum, a repository of scripts, but a place where, surrounded by existing models, everyone can pass the story through their hands and heart. CIM "Ancient World" is located in the Krasnoarmeysky district of the Samara region near the village of Kamenny Brod.

Creative Workshop RUNA

Creative workshop "Runa" exists since March 2017. The main activity is the molding of jewelry and household items using technology as close as possible to the barbarian tradition.
Eastern Europe of the late Roman times, as well as the popularization of Kiev culture, spread over a large part of Eastern Europe from the late II to the beginning of the V century BC. e.

The workshop team consists of 2 people: Alexander Alekseev and Andrey Vorobyov.

"Runa" actively collaborates with representatives of science - demonstration workshops have been held several times in archaeological expeditions, the workshop's works were presented at the exhibition "Between a Hammer and a Hard Place" in the Kulikovo Field Museum-Reserve and at the international seminar "Historical and Archaeological Research of the Bryansk Treasure circle of Eastern European chiseled enamels "at the IA RAS.

In August 2018, the workshop's project: “Barbarian Enamels of Eastern Europe - Reconstruction of the Jewelry and Equipment Complex” became one of the winners in the competition of historical projects held within the framework of the festival “Times and Epochs”. At the moment, the workshop participants are working on the implementation of this project.

Moscow Ethnographic Society

The society was founded by ethnographer Yuri Gabrov in order to popularize ethnological science, art history, archeology. Through ethnocultural festivals, living history lessons, lectures and concerts, the MEO acquaints children and adults with the customs of other nations, their crafts, and history. Society's specialists in everyday life are engaged in research in the field of ethnography, anthropology, folklore. They are also engaged in experimental archeology - the MEO is an active member of the international association EXARC.

Workshop HAMMER

The workshop of the correct armor "HAMMER" exists since February 2016.

The main activity of the workshop is the manufacture of protective weapons from various eras: from the early Iron Age to the late Middle Ages. Also in the workshop are made replicas of weapons made of bronze using technology as close as possible to the ancient one.

The MOLOT workshop actively collaborates with representatives of the scientific world and the public, for whom special master classes have been held several times.

Laboratory of Experimental Archeology NOTECI SUSU

At the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), on the basis of the Eurasian Research and Education Center under the leadership of Ivan Andreevich Semyan, there is the only comprehensive experimental archeology laboratory in Russia that carries out international experimental research projects and also studies and models the technologies of the ancient population of the Urals . The laboratory is a member of the world association of experimental archeology EXARC, as well as the Archeos association representing the international community of experimental archeologists and representatives of the historical reconstruction movement. The consolidation of forces interested in modeling the phenomena and processes of the past allows the laboratory of experimental archeology at SUSU to carry out a wide range of multidisciplinary tasks: scientific and popular science activities, creating museum displays and replicas of artifacts, educating schoolchildren and students, and participating in tourism and charity projects. Laboratory scientific experiments have significantly enriched the ideas about the life of the ancient population of our country. In particular, the researchers reconstructed in detail the processes of creating stone and bronze weapons of ancient warriors, reconstructed one of the oldest complex bows. On the basis of the Archeos Paleopark, students are trained and scientific experiments are carried out. Projects are being undertaken to recreate the homes and life of antiquity.

KIR Fierce beast

The Club of Historical Reconstruction "Fierce Beast", Chelyabinsk, is engaged in the reconstruction of the territory of Russia of the early Middle Ages, as well as adjacent territories and peoples, one way or another participating in the cultural and political processes taking place in this territory. Main region - South Russia, Northern Russia, Volga region The club has existed since 2007. He is a regular participant in the region's historical festivals.